Frequently asked questions? 

How long will my surfboard bag take? 

This all depends on what bag you decide to get, typically our beach bags and any of the bags with drawstring closing bottoms are in stock and sent immediately. However, our black bags and black travel bags are all either made to order or custom made so these can take a few weeks depending on what other orders we have going on at the time. 

Can I get a custom made surfboard bag? 

Yes, all our board bags are customisable and why should you get an off the shelf board bag that doesn't fit correctly especially for your custom hand shaped board from the local shaper why not get a handmade bag to match. Just email us at for a price. 

What customisation can be done? 

Well apart from the size of the bag, we can also add extra foam, different colours or materials or even customising the materials such as putting your club logo on it, etc. 

How do I work out the width? 

We explained this further here but basically it's board width plus thickness. 

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