The broken surfboard

Global Boardriderz began after what was going to be an amazing surf trip to Kangaroo Island off the coast of South Australia, the third and final flight of the day was a short 35 minute trip from Adelaide to Kingscote which resulted in a cleanly snapped surfboard. The broken surfboard was a 3 month old Mark Richards Lone Ranger which was also the only board I took on the trip, luckily it was covered by my travel insurance but that didn't help when I was stuck on the shore board less.

My three month old Mark Richards surfboard snapped in two

While I spent the following few days having a blast on Kangaroo Island every time my brother went for a surf I was stuck in the van enjoying the magnificent locations I was in, I couldn't help but wonder how my day could've been so much better if my board hadn't have broken which allowed my mind to wander to think about how I could travel to these remarkable locations without the worry of not being able to enjoy them once I was there.

This led to the development of the Surfboard Luggage Bag, a board bag that could resist the harsh airport environment as well as carry all my other gear for the trip.


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